Getting Down to the Crust of the Matter

October 12, 2016 | Pieology Pizzeria

Delicious personalized pizza starts with a perfect foundation. Our guests rave about our crust. Maybe because it all started as a labor of love and it still is…Every. Single. Day.

Our recipes are top secret, but we can share some important things. Such as, unlike traditional Neapolitan crust, ours is thinner, chewier and slightly crispy. And though our original inspiration came from New York style pizza, the taste is special.


Speaking of special, let’s start with flour. Our flour blends are milled from scratch, just for us by the good people at Pizza Blends.

Another super special ingredient? Freshness. We make our House-Made White and Whole Wheat dough on-site throughout the day. It’s never frozen and it’s not made in a commissary. It’s truly artisanal.

Our Gluten-Free crust is unique, too. Made in a gluten-free environment*, it’s also dairy, soy and egg-free—totally vegan and totally awesome.

Back to our house-made crusts: we start by mixing all of our ingredients together. When the consistency is just right, we portion and knead each dough ball with love. After that comes 12 hours of proofing, when the dough balls double in size and become soft and pillowy.

When it comes to making amazing pizza crust, patience is a virtue.

After the dough balls are fully proofed, we flattened each to order in our special presses. This adds incredible texture and gives you the perfect foundation to hold everything you crave. So go ahead and order more toppings—our crust can handle it.

Pieology ovens are hot. And we mean HOT. Your pizza will be baked to crusty perfection in minutes. Deliciously personalized and just as unique as you are.



How unique? Our guests rank our crust the best in the fast casual pizza category.  Lovingly prepared in house every single day and designed to hold everything you crave.


* Our pizza crust is made with gluten-free ingredients, however, all of our pizzas are prepared in a common kitchen with the risk of gluten exposure. Pieology does not recommend our gluten-free pizzas for guests with celiac disease. Guests with gluten sensitivities should also exercise caution and judgment when ordering our gluten-free pizzas.