Our Story

The Company

Pieology prides itself on providing the best tasting, healthiest kustom pizza in the world. Using only the freshest ingredients, Pieology provides smoking hot pizzas in under 5 minutes. Our energy efficient restaurants are not only comfortable, but also adhere to the philosophies of our corporate mission statement :
Making the world a better place one pizza at a time.

We love that you have found us, and hope that you will join us in the continuous study of Pizza pie, and together, we will find that perfect pizza that will bring about world peace ( or be extremely satisfied in the pursuit ).

All About Pepper

Pepper was born on Christmas day, 2011, which is appropriate because he loves to spread good joy to everyone in the world. His parents named him Pepperoni, but he prefers to be called Pepper.

He loves pizza and he loves showing Pieologists the way around the website. When you see him, say hi, and please, resist the temptation to eat him.


Pieology is fast expanding. To inquire about franchise opportunities, contact :