After Bakes: Deep Thoughts on Deeper Flavor

December 14, 2016 | Pieology Pizzeria

A scholar of pizza once said, “the <3 is shaped like a pizza for a reason.” A truthful observation. By that logic, Pieology pizza is the embodiment of true love.

But, as good as our pizza is, a surprising number of Pieologists skip past an important final touch to their pizza masterpiece…the After Bake, of course!



What is an After Bake?

Some have called them the “fifth flavor layer” on the pizza continuum of house-made crust, house-made sauce, fresh cheese and toppings. The same crowd might have also called Pieology a pioneer when it comes to After Bakes, so yeah, breaking new ground does feel nice.

Can you imagine never knowing the flavor of Pesto drizzled onto a Rustic Veggie pie, or BBQ Sauce onto your chicken pies? There are even some Pieologists who don’t add Fiery Buffalo Sauce—talk about a real head scratcher.

As our eyes peer into the pizza cosmos, questions like whether Ranch Sauce came before or after BBQ Sauce enter our mind; does a handful of basil make a sound as it’s sprinkled onto your pie?

Our After Bakes can make anyone pensive. But here’s the most important question: should you drizzle or sprinkle After Bakes onto your pie?

The truth is, like anything else, you will never know until you try! If you’re really torn, ask us for our suggestion based on your unique pie creation—making quick and delicious food combinations is our strong suit. Hungry yet?

Here’s some yummy After Bakes inspired by our guests…


After Bake: The 5th Flavor Layer.